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February 5, 2019

Welcome the very first Stehr Group newsletter. We hope to keep you updated on our operations in the months to come.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Once again Stehr Group has been preparing for the busy tuna fishing season ahead, vessel and net maintenance Is amongst the company’s top priorities to complete each year. We have a fleet of four vessels and a crew amassing more than 200 years’ experience, Stehr Group has already left for sea expecting another successful season. Last year we caught and finished all transfers of fish by the 3rdMarch, began harvesting in April and sold our last fish for the season on the 13thAugust.

2019 Tuna Fishing Season

We have added many new additions to the operation this year from testing new marketing possibilities to outfitting our vessels with new equipment. As always Stehr Group works hard to ensure the best possible result for the coming season.

We expect to begin harvest in late March to early April starting with fresh harvests 2-3 days a week & around the middle of June full harvesting will be scheduled 6 days per week including frozen product.

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