With over 50 years experience in the fishing and aquaculture industry, Stehr Group is established and recognised as one of Australia’s leading seafood companies pioneering sustainability of resources. Specialising in the off-shore ranching and grow-out of Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT), the group was established in 1972 from humble beginnings and has become a driving force in the SBT industry. It’s involvement in the propagation of SBT was a world first and won international scientific recognition.

Stehr Group has become highly respected as an integral part of the seafood industry on national and international levels, with a motivated work force who are expertly trained by the leading Australian Maritime and Fishing Academy – an organisation formed by Hagen in 1997. Stehr Group is a family owned company spanning three generations; founder and Chairman Hagen Stehr, his son Marcus Stehr (Managing Director) and his grandsons Saxon and Sanchez.

Hagen Stehr AO is an officer in the Order of Australia, and Honorary Doctor of the University of the Sunshine Coast in recognition of his internationally significant contribution to a sustainable fishing industry. Hagen was also awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for his services to the fishing industry. For 17 years he has been the Chairman of the Australian Maritime Fishing Academy.

Managing Director of the company Marcus Stehr has a hands-on approach as Master and operator in all facets of this highly respected business. He is well known and respected amongst his peers, and holds office as Director of ASX listed company Clean Seas, Director of the Australian Maritime Fishing Academy and Director of numerous other government organisations.