Southern Bluefin Tuna (ThunnusMaccoyii)
Sourced from the Great Southern Ocean our SBT has a delicate flavour and is prized by the astute Japanese market. With soft to firm flesh and an attractive coarse grain it is an excellent medium flavoured flesh sought after by sashimi and sushi chef’s across the world. The low stress “Ike Jime” harvesting method is used in production to maximise flesh quality. Minimal handling of fish ensures the highest quality produce and increases shelf life.

Product Specifications:
Fresh or super frozen -60°C

Fresh – March to September
Frozen – all year round

Standard Packing:
Fresh / frozen – whole gilled & gutted / headed & gutted – Insulated high grade carton
Frozen loins – polystyrene carton

Fresh – Air freight
Frozen – Sea freight

SBT Portions:
Whole: Stehr Group can also provide portions upon request, including gilled & gutted, headed and gutted. Sizes include 15-20kg, 20-25kg, 25-30kg, 30-35kg, 35-40kg, 40+kg.
Loined: Chef pack portions sizes are 3-4kg loins, vacuum packed for convenience.