Dr Hagen Stehr AO

Hagen has been involved in the Australian SBT industry for over 50 years. His family holds a significant interest in the SBT catch and grow industry and contributed to the successful establishment of the SBT industry in Port Lincoln. Hagen was a founding member of Australian Bight Seafood in 1971, and a founding member of the Australian Tuna Boat Owners Association. Since 1997, he has been the Chairman of the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (AMFA), a major institution for training of fishermen and seafarers. He has held the position of Chairman of the South Australian Marine Finfish Farmers Association, and has served as Chairman for over 20 years on the Industry Training Council Advisory Body in Australia.

Hagen also holds a position on the board of the South Australian Government Aquaculture Advisory Council, and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of the Sunshine Coast in recognition of his significant contribution to sustainable fishing in Australia. His commitment and service to education and training in the industry was recognised in 1997 when he was awarded Officer of the Order of Australia.

Marcus Stehr GAICD
Managing Director

Marcus has a fishing history spanning more than 25 years. His technical qualifications include Master Class 4 Fishing / Trading Skippers certificates, MED 1, Dive Master and DMT Certificates. His commercial qualifications include business management courses and post graduate studies in business with the completion of the Australian Institute of Company Director’s course in 2007.

In addition to his Directorship at Australian Tuna Fisheries and Clean Seas Tuna Limited, Marcus makes a strong contribution to the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry as board member of the South Australian Marine Finfish Association (SAMFA) and Executive Director of the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA). He also serves as a Deputy Member of the Aquaculture Advisory Committee (AAC), and contributes to facilitating maritime training at the Australian Fisheries Academy.

Marcus held the initial position of Managing Director of Clean Seas and subsequent Director of Operations, and as such has extensive grow out experience with Kingfish and ranched SBT. He has now resumed his executive position as Managing Director of Stehr Group, continuing to provide valuable assistance to Clean Seas. Marcus continues to go SBT fishing each season, successfully overseeing the companies catch and towing operations for annual SBT production.

Paul Robinson
Non Executive Director

Paul has had a long and proud association with the Stehr Group of Companies. He was first engaged by the Stehr Family in February 1994 to provide strategic and financial advice to the Group. In May 2006, Paul was invited by the Stehr Family to join the Board. Paul’s experience includes 15 years as a partner with a leading international accounting practice, where he was a national marketing director and a founding director of that Practice’s Management Consulting Arm. In 1988 Paul founded an independent Chartered Accountancy practice, Capital Strategies Pty Ltd, who continue to provide independent family advice and counsel to the Stehr Family. Paul retired from Capital Strategies in 2010. Paul is Chairman and non-Executive Director of a number of private property and investment companies and has had a long association and support for Port Lincoln and the Australian fishing industry. Paul is Hagen’s Alternate Director on the Board of Clean Seas Tuna Ltd (ASX: “CSS”).