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May 2, 2019

Hi All,

We have caught all our fish for the year, Vessels and crew returned home safe from sea on the 20th of February completing the first stages of the 2019 season, marking the start of the rigorous feeding program. Unlike previous seasons the fish were deceivingly harder to find this time around, rough conditions plagued most of the trip forcing the team to be at their very best. Inconstant weather patterns couldn’t stop the crew though as they powered through each day perilously on the search for the slightest ripple of tuna.

Our cages have been towed back into Port Lincoln and all transfer’s are complete, vessel’s and diving specialists are now sent twice a day to feed and carry out maintenance operations ensuring all fish are kept safe in these crucial months prior to harvesting. We use a series of underwater cameras plus manual and remote controlled feeding technology to further protect and asses the fish. A mixture of sardines are fed every day through fish spitters in an attempt to reflect a natural feeding environment for the tuna. The goal is to produce the finest quality Southern Bluefin Tuna in the world, to do this we pay close attention to the needs of the fish day and night, making sure they are fed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

Skipper of the Yasmin, Managing Director Marcus Stehr: 

“We had a fairly consistent tuna catching season, however in order for us to catch the biggest and best fish on offer it did take longer then first anticipated”

“We will have some fantastic fish this year, all being around 30kg gilled and gutted with a high grade condition index”

“I have recently arrived back in Australia from China as we are starting to open up the Chinese market by laying the foundations with some very solid relationships. We will start price negotiations with Japan over the following weeks”

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